Pixel Cryptor


Protect your files using digital images



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Pixel Cryptor is an amazing tool for protecting your most valuable data and files. Until here, you could say that Pixel Cryptor is a just like any other regular data encryption program, but the truth is that it´s quite unique.

Pixel Cryptor doesn´t use conventional encryption algorithms to protect your files, instead, it uses a digital image as a key.

In order to go back and decode your data, you´ll obviously need the Cryptor Pixel and an exact copy of the original image because what the program does is generate a code that is associated with that image, which then acts as a key.

The program is visually appealing, and its interface is extremely easy to use, so once you become familiar with it, you run the risk of making it a regular tool in your system.

Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or higher.

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